Tired of Searching On the Internet
for Hours to Get a Driver?
Keeping your drivers up to date is an important part of maintaining your Windows PC to keep it running stably and fix driver bugs and malfunctions, as well as to get the maximum performance and functionalities out of your hardware. Using a Driver Update Software is the easiest and safest way to get your drivers updated automatically!

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Why Use Driver Updater?

It is very troublesome to keep your drivers up-to-date manually. It requires certain PC knowledge and skills to search with search engines for the latest device drivers, download and install them. In addition, you face the risk of damaging your computer by accidently installing a wrong driver!

Now you don’t need to spend hours in finding the drivers by yourself. There are applications that will automatically detect the outdated and damaged drivers on your computer and keep them up-to-date in only few minutes.


Why You Need to Use A Good Driver Update Software?

There are dozens of choices out there. A good driver updater of course will automatically update all your drivers in minutes and allow you to enjoy the high performance and unexplored functionalities of your devices.

But a third-class one will cause you troubles and bring damages to your computer by installing wrong or outdated drivers. It is critical to use a good program! But which one is the best? What are the criteria to separate the best ones from the terrible ones?


  What Make A Good Driver Updater?
Massive Driver Database.
  The database must be large enough to support as many devices from various manufacturers as possible.
Powerful Scanning Engine. 
  Top Driver Updaters always be able to detect any outdated, unknown & corrupted drivers on your PC and install the latest ones.
Good System Compatibility.
  Be able to work stably on most popular Windows systems such as Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc.
Easy to Use. 
  It should has a straightforward interface and be very easy to use for most PC users including average Users and Users with little PC knowledge.
Professional Technical Support.
  Good customer support can do you a big favor when you have troubles with your computers.

What Is the Best Driver Updater?

After a careful comparison and thorough scanning tests, there are 3 driver update program stand out. They are Driver Finder Pro , Driver Robot & Driver Checker.  And Driver Finder Pro is the best Driver Updater in the tests!



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Driver Finder Pro

Driver Robot

Driver Checker





Driver Database One of the biggest Database in the industry Massive, over 1 Million Drivers available Large, over 1 Million Drivers available
Scanning Engine Powerful/Efficient! Detects all the outdated and corrupted drivers quickly Excellent, Precisely detects almost 100%problem drivers. Good, but not as thorough
Technical Support Great! Offers any help when you need Great Excellent.
System compatibility Windows 7, Vista & XP Windows 7, Vista, XP& 2000 Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 & 2000
Ease of use

Very Easy

Very Easy

Very Easy

Overall Score

98 Points

92 Points

89 Points

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Driver Finder Pro Is the Best Driver Updater!

Download Driver Finder Pro

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Driver Finder Pro – The Best Driver Updater!


No.1 Driver UpdaterDriver Finder Pro is well-known for its huge driver database and powerful scanning engine. With the massive driver database and high-precision scanning technology, Driver Finder Pro is able to find the latest drivers that are suitable for your devices and corresponding operating systems.


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Backed up an excellent developing team, Driver Finder Pro can do more than other driver update programs do. Unlike other updaters that collect drivers manually, Driver Finder Pro uses a driver crawler which automatically finds the latest-released drivers from all the device manufacturers and updates its driver database hourly.

Using the advanced driver crawler, Driver Finder Pro in position to automatically collect a large number of drivers and has set up one of the largest driver databases in the industry. The huge database ensures you to easily get latest drivers for every piece of your hardware from any manufacturers.

Apart from the large database, Driver Finder Pro is integrated with an industry-leading detection algorithm which accurately detects any outdated, faulty, missing and corrupted drivers on your computer. This feature makes Driver Finder Pro a very powerful Driver Error Fixer that quickly resolves all the troublesome driver-related problems that you are probably facing.



Furthermore, Driver Finder Pro offers Driver Backup/Restore just in case any driver problem occurs. This feature allows you to back up your drivers and restore them, saving your time in reinstalling drivers when they are damaged or corrupted.

And it is a very user-friendly program. With the Self-Updating feature, you can install the new version of Driver Finder Pro without downloading the setup file again. It offers a really easy way for users to keep drivers up-to-date as well as the program itself.


Pros: The highly accurate detection technology makes Driver Finder Pro a very powerful driver repair program. And the backup and restore feature also saves users time and energy in reinstalling drivers.

Cons:  The driver download speed is a little slow.



In conclusion, Driver Finder Pro is an excellent updating program and a driver problem fixer that uses the industry-leading technology and has a very huge driver database. With a quick scan, you can accurately update all the device drivers on your computer, easily fix driver errors and make the most out of your devices.

Driver Finder Pro is the No.1 Driver Updater!

(Windows 7, Vista, XP & 2000 )

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Driver Robot Review – No.2 Driver Updater!

Best Driver UpdaterDriver Robot is the second recommended updater. The massive database covers over 1 Million drivers for every piece of hardware on your computer from all the device manufacturers all over the world, allowing you to keep your drivers updated in minutes.

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Like Driver Finder Pro, Driver Robot also uses a driver spider which automatically searches on the internet for the latest drivers and make sure that its driver database is updated simultaneously as the latest drivers are released by device manufacturers.

Embedded with the most powerful scanning engine in the industry, Driver Robot is able to quickly scan your computer and detect the outdated or corrupted drivers correctly to ensure you always get the latest official driver. You never need to worry about installing an incorrect or out-of-date driver. (100% accuracy)


Offline Analysis/Exporter is another advanced tool integrated into Driver Robot. It allows you to update drivers for the computers that are not connected to the Web. After a thorough scan on your offline computer, you can keep the offline exporter and then run it on an online computer. It will automatically download all the drivers. And then you can copy and install them on your offline computer easily.

If your computer is freshly-installed with no drivers preinstalled on it or has a network driver problem that’s preventing you from accessing the Internet, Driver Robot Exporter is what you really need.

Although integrated with many features, Driver robot is designed to be very easy to use for both sophisticated PC users and average users.

Large database and industry-leading scanning engine ensure you will get the latest drivers for your device in time. Offline driver update is a very useful tool if you have drivers to update on an offline computer. 

Cons: Driver Robot doesn’t support driver backup.


Comparing to Driver Finder Pro , it lacks the feature of Driver backup and restore. But with the massive driver database, powerful scanning engine and unique Offline Analysis/Exporter, Driver Robot is able to get you the correct drivers quickly and easily for your offline and online computers.

  Driver Robot is the second recommended Driver Updater!

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(Windows 7, Vista&XP)

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Driver Checker – No. 3 Driver Updater!

No.3 Driver UpdaterDriver Checker is our third recommended driver update software. It is a very simple to use for most PC users. Integrated with the result-oriented detecting engine, it is able to quickly scan and find out the correct modules of your devices on various Windows systems.

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After a thorough scan on your computer, it exports the detailed report telling you all the outdated and corrupted drivers that lead to devices not working properly. With only few clicks, you are in a position to get the correct drivers on your computer so as to get rid of all the driver problems and enjoy the high-performance of your devices.

Driver Checker offers the Backup/Restore that enables you to back up your current drivers and allows you to restore them whenever an error occurs.

Apart from the useful Backup/Restore function, the Scanning History allows you to view previous scanning records, download and install any versions of drivers that are compatible for your devices.

And it is designed to be very easy to use. And the Technical Support is excellent! If you have any difficulty in using it, you can always get the support from the technical support team in 24 hours.

Pros: Driver Checker is very easy to use and offers quick customer support. The user experience is great.

Cons: Driver Scanning is not very efficient.


In terms of the update-frequency of the database, it is not that quick and fast as Driver Finder Pro . But that doesn’t prevent it from being one of the best driver updaters on the internet. Driver Checker is our third recommended driver updating program that can automatically download and install the latest drivers from the official websites for you.

Download Driver Checker Now!

(Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 & 2000)

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